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Effect of Resin System and Fiber Type on the Fatigue Life of Composite Materials



Fatigue life testing provides a means to predict the serviceable lifetime of composite materials when exposed to repeated stress cycling.  Lifetime testing is important to aerospace, automotive, and the oil and gas industries; and the information gained aids material selection and engineering part design.  

Studies were carried out to compare the fatigue life of epoxy and vinyl ester resin systems containing either glass or carbon fiber.  The applied stress varied as a percentage of ultimate tensile strength using a constant amplitude tension-tension technique.  A low stress frequency was used to avoid frictional heating of the materials.  The effect of resin system and fiber type on fatigue life are summarized.


Tim has worked in thermoset composites for 10 years, primarily in Research and Development roles with Quantum Composites.  Working as the R&D Manager at Quantum prior to becoming Product Manager a year ago.  Tim has previously presented on Carbon Fiber light weighting at SPE-ACCE in 2013, on test methods for high temperature composites at TopCon in 2014, and most recently on Advancements in Epoxy Sheet Molding compound at CAMX in December 2018.

PRESENTATION: Fatigue Testing of Semi-Structural composite Materials


Tim Langschwager / Project Manager, A. Schulman