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Evolution of Thermosets in the Marketplace



Considerations for application, design, material/product conversion & consolidation, along with thermoset material performance has evolved from basic shell cosmetic covers to highly engineered-complex parts with integrated design elements to support structural, functional, cosmetic, and accessory requirements.    It has become critical to quantify total end product performance requirements while placing a qualitative metric to primary, secondary, and tertiary needs to not only ensure the primary goals of the OEM’s products are being met; but also, engineered solutions for mating components and conversion solutions are identified – which will only promote the integration of thermosets where they may not have previously been considered as a solution.  By remaining material agnostic and focusing on the needs of a product/application – providing focused material solutions ranging from bulk-off the shelf material, high-strength, light-weight, impact-resistance, etc. – begins driving the material use based on performance in currently commercialized materials that are proven and readily available.  Apart from material selection, providing advance engineering and development at the early design phase supports effective and efficient use of design resources in the DFM process; ultimately making manufacturing in the desired process easier and more efficient.


Zachary Montognese has been with AIM for 9 years as a Customer Development Sales Engineer and an Advance Engineer supported by a background in Composite Materials Engineering from Winona State University.  He initially had a primary focus in the agricultural marketplaces with more recent focus on providing technical support to OEM’s in product design and development related to material conversion and new product development in the construction, marine, and off highway markets while still targeting focused in the agricultural markets.

CONTACT:  zmontognese@ashinmold.com

Christopher Lamm has been with AIM for more than 5 years with service in the Air Force and a Bachelor of Science from Purdue & an MBA from Indiana University as the foundation of his background.  He has a focus on maintaining key customers and strategic growth across multiple industries while focusing on identifying and leveraging AIM’s core capabilities and manufacturing potential to meet the evolving needs of the customers and markets.

CONTACT:  clamm@ashinmold.com

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Zachary Montognese & Christopher Lamm / Advance Engineer & Senior Account Manager (respectively), Ashley Industrial Molding