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APC Plus – A Game Changer for the Processing of Thermosets



Due to several issues, thermosets have been replaced in large part by thermoplastics over the last years. Nowadays thermosets making a comeback, and we see wonderful opportunities in all major industries such as the automotive, aerospace, medical, electro, electronics and outdoor industry. However, process & production technologies have not advanced to efficiencies of thermoplastic molding, and many molders are just doing it the old fashion way – manually.

Thermosets are often used to replace metal parts as they can withstand high temperatures, aggressive media and geometries that requires sub sequential machining (e.g. heavy die casting) can be produced off-tool here. This is a huge economic benefit and long been recognized by the industry. However, many thermoplastic molding companies still don’t dare to enter this territory because of the process experience which is needed to mold good parts.

This paper emphasizes on the challenges of thermoset molding and introduces how this technology can be supported by industry 4.0. Moreover, a recent success story will be presented to the audience which illustrates how a well-known supplier of automotive parts was able to significantly reduce the scrap rate by incorporating an adaptive process control called APC+ when molding parts. Unlike its previous version, APC+ is capable of determining not only the viscosity but also the compressibility of the material within the barrel. As Thermosets often contain a lot of different fillers, APC+ is a game changer with respect to part quality.


Andreas started his career with AMK GmbH & Co. KG back in 1998. After studying mechanical engineering, he became an R&D engineer for servomotors and electro mechanical servo actuators within the company. In 2011, Andreas has joined the KraussMaffei headquarters in Munich Germany. He has since spend 6 years being an R&D engineer for all electric injection molding machines and has relocated to KraussMaffei Corporation in 2017 to become the Regional Sales Manager for the South East.

Andreas brings with him a strong engineering background building on the latest in current & relevant technologies in plastics injection machinery & automation.


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ANDREAS MOLL / Regional Sales Manager, KRAUSS MAFFEI