1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Advances in Rheology and Chemorheology for Processing Thermoset Composites



Rheological and chemorheological thickening of polyester materials for use in sheet molding compound (SMC) and bulk molding compound (BMC) have been a topic of study for many years. Work in the 1950’s uncovered the usefulness of earth alkali as thickeners for such applications. More recent work in has uncovered the usefulness of rheological techniques, including elevated temperature chemorheology, to characterize materials including various thickeners needed to produce SMC and BMC. This presentation will survey these materials and methods, and explain advances in materials and methods for thickened unsaturated polyester compounds. Especial attention will be given to influences of resin chemistry, moisture, filler, and how these variables impact not only the thickener technology that is appropriate, but also the window of moldability for SMC and BMC.


Paul A. Rettinger is Technology Manager, Thermosets – Americas for Chromaflo Technologies Corporation, a global corporation headquartered in Ashtabula, Ohio. Prior to serving as Technology Manager, Mr. Rettinger was Quality Assurance Manager, responsible for quality and operations support functions in North America. He has also served as Quality Assurance Supervisor for Coatings, and as staff Research and Product Development Scientist for Plasticolors, Incorporated, for more than a decade. In his career, Mr. Rettinger has served on the scientific staffs of several large and small corporations, and is an innovator of novel composite and coatings technologies. Examples of his work can be found in such applications as tactile plates and walkways at highway intersections and rail stations, safety composite exterior hand rails, and numerous exterior unpainted composite materials in transportation applications. You may even encounter examples of his work in the bumper of your car, or in the box of your pickup truck. As the author at least twelve (12) technical publications relating to composites, Mr. Rettinger takes particular interest in developing novel composites that can replace traditional and older, painted materials (e.g. painted steel), while improving longevity and reducing time, weight, and cost to the consumer. Ultimately, it is his vision that the entire world will be made of durable pigmented, unpainted composite.


Paul Rettinger / Technology Manager Thermosets - Americas, Chromaflo