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Controlling Viscosity of Filled Resin Systems



Viscosity is a fluid’s resistance to flow and is critical in thermoset applications. The viscosity of filled resin systems can be problematic with changes in viscosity disrupting the process. Fillers are often used to lower costs, but they may increase the complexity of the system. This paper will discuss filled resin systems and the factors that control suspension viscosity. We will focus on calcium carbonate filled systems and the effects calcium carbonate loading and particle size distribution. The effect of particle size distribution and resulting maximum packing fraction on viscosity will be discussed in detail.


Jessica is a Technical Service Engineer based out of the Omya Technology Center location in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has been with Omya since 2016, providing technical support to many thermoset and PVC customers. She also manages the process for the qualification of new additives in North and South America operations. Jessica has developed extensive knowledge of physical properties testing for polymer composites in the lab, as well as experience in polymer processing and extrusion. She has worked to develop statistical models and predictive calculators for efficient product evaluations. Recently, she shifted to focus on thermoset applications and understanding particle flow and movements as well as suspension viscosity.

Jessica is responsible for providing technical support to customers on the use of Omya products for applications in the Technical Polymers Applications segment and holds a B. S. in Chemical Engineering from Miami University of Ohio.


CONTACT: jessica.cleland@omya.com


Jessica Warner / Associate Scientists - Omya, Inc.