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Rheological Characterization of Thermosets: A Practical Approach



Thermosets are a unique type of polymeric material since the starting materials are typically a liquid or a highly-filled liquid formulation and crosslink during curing to form high glass transition temperature (Tg) and high modulus networks. Rheological methods provide a powerful analytical tool to evaluate both the uncured formulations and follow the build-up of the crosslinked network during curing. The presentation will provide a practical overview of rheological methods used to characterize thermosets. The paper will provide an introduction to the two types of rheometers commonly used to measure thermoset rheology; the controlled stress and controlled strain rheometers. Examples will include the viscosity profiles during dispensing demonstrating shear thinning and thixotropy (time dependence) using a controlled stress rheometer. The origin of the yield point and the practical implications during dispensing will also be highlighted. Thermoset curing may be carefully monitored using controlled strain measurements using oscillatory parallel plate rheometry. Examples will highlight the utility of rheological measurements to probe the network build-up during both isothermal and non-isothermal curing typically experienced during thermoset processing. So as to not scare anyone away, there will be no differential equations or stress tensors to make your head spin!


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