9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Pre-pregs Optimized for Compression and Hybrid Molding

Dustin Davis, Norplex-Micarta – Director of Business Development


Pre-pregs are a well-known, high performance, composite material used in demanding applications. Traditionally converted via tape placement or hand layup and then cured in an oven or autoclave, pre-pregs have only found use in applications where mass production or part economics were not the overriding concern. This presentation will address the historical context of these materials and processes, advancements in pre-pregs that make them suitable for compression molding, case studies of how hybrid molding (or co-molding) can provide designers with even greater design flexibility, and conclude with a look at the state of current development work.


Dustin Davis is the Director of Business Development for Norplex-Micarta where he leads the marketing, applications engineering, and new business growth initiatives for the Company. Prior to this assignment, Mr. Davis was an expatriate where he managed Norplex-Micarta’s entrance into Asia through the design, construction, and initial commercialization of a greenfield facility in China. Mr. Davis began his career in composites while in college as an intern for Bo-Witt Products, a custom molder of BMC and SMC materials. During his time at Bo-Witt, he held several positions in engineering, operations, and sales management. Mr. Davis holds a BSIE from Purdue University and an MBA from Indiana University.


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Dustin Davis / Director of Business Development, Norplex-Micarta