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Effect of Fiber Length and Toughening Mechanisms on the Ultimate Failure Strain of Epoxy Resin Based BMC Materials.



Hot melt epoxy resin based Bulk Molding Compounds offer significant advantages to the molder due to their ambient temperature shelf life, lack of VOCs, high mechanical properties and ease of molding. However, despite the high modulus exhibited by these materials, they are limited by the strain to failure owing to shorter fiber lengths that typify BMC type materials. We examine the effect of fiber length as well as that of resin toughening mechanisms on the ultimate strain and thus stress at failure for Epoxy resin based BMCs.


Ruchir Shanbhag is the CEO of Lattice Composites LLC, a formulator and manufacturer of high performance Epoxy resin based materials in Riverside, Ca. Ruchir has over 15 years of experience in the composites industry and holds graduate degrees in materials science and mechanical engineering from the University of Southern California.


CONTACT:  rshanbhag@latticecomposites.com


Ruchir Shanbhag / CEO, Lattice Composites, Inc.