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Pushing the Boundaries with Proxima Thermoset Norbornene Polymer Technology



New polymeric materials have played an important role in accessing previously challenging oilfield environments. Polydicyclopentadiene (pDCPD) is the prototypical example of a thermoset polymer made by ring-opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP), and is characterized by high toughness, low water absorption, and excellent resistance to corrosive fluids. Despite a promising price/performance profile, applications of pDCPD have been limited in part by the sensitivity of the curative catalysts which restricted their use to unreinforced systems processed by reactive injection molding (RIM).

Recent advances in catalyst technology have led to a series of curatives that are more robust and dramatically broadened the applicability of pDCPD beyond what was previously possible. The new catalysts are compatible with:

• Composite fillers, including fibers (glass and carbon) and particles (glass bubbles and mineral fillers)

• Alternative processing techniques, including casting, infusion (RTM, VARTM), rotomolding, and pultrusion

• Property modulators, to provide enhanced elongation, Tg, toughness, and chemical resistance

This paper will outline recent advances in ring-opening metathesis polymer development, with a particular emphasis on high temperature materials (up to 450 °F) and composites for downhole applications.


Wesleyne Greer is the Senior Sales Manager at Materia, Inc., where she focuses on the Proxima® resin line for a variety of industries. She has twelve years of professional experience in the petrochemical industry working with thermoplastic and thermoset polymers. Before joining Materia, Wesleyne was a Senior Sales Representative for Anton Paar, specializing in rheology instrumentation sales where she received numerous accolades including Sales Person of the Year and Sales Excellence awards. She has a strong track record of engaging and supporting customers with outstanding customer support.

Wesleyne received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Alcorn State University where she graduated Sum Cum Laude. She is an active member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, American Chemical Society, Society of Plastics Engineers, Energy Polymer Group and the Society of Women Engineers. When she is not working, Wesleyne enjoys mentoring young adults to reach their full potential.

PRESENTATION: Pushing the Boundaries with Proxima Thermoset Norbornene Polymer Technology



Wesleyne Greer / Senior Sales Manager at Materia, Inc.