11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Application and Design Solutions in Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) with Dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) Material



AIM has launched a variety of RIM programs in recent history where part consolidation and cost savings have been achieved as a result of advanced ‘B’ side geometry development.   Historically, these complex ‘B’ side geometries would not have been pursued or considered manufacturable.  It is due to these advanced geometries that AIM is on the cutting edge of the DCPD market.  Said programs have been tried, tested, and field proven in a variety of markets today.   A generalized summary of these development efforts will be presented in a format that will not divulge proprietary customer design concepts.  I will facilitate the presentation on AIM’s behalf while utilizing a few internal and external resources for data/information. 

The development of these advanced ‘cutting edge’ geometries has been several years in the making and have consisted of great degrees of collaboration between OEM’s, material supplier, and tooling suppliers.


Zach is a 2010 Winona State University Composite Materials Engineering Program Graduate who was recruited directly out of college by Ashley Industrial Molding as a Sales Engineer.  His initial role was to support Ashley Industrial’s largest customer, John Deere.  Zach’s first assignment was the launch of four very large programs associated with the Interim Tier 4 Emissions Standards role out.

Zach has since been placed on a variety of other customer accounts and has been exposed to the diverse markets Ashley Industrial Molding serves.  Zach has expressed that he feels ‘lucky’ to have (directly out of college) found an highly respected and established employer who chose to invest in the training necessary for him to take on the key sales responsibilities he enjoys today.

PRESENTATION: Application and Design Solutions in Reactive Injection Molding

Zach Montognese / Advanced Sales Manager, Ashley Industrial Molding (AIM)