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Combining Snap-Cure Technology and Reclaimed Carbon Fiber to Address Next Generation Prepregs



Carbon fiber prepregs continue to make inroads into automotive applications with improved and automated processes.  The next generation prepregs will utilize current snap-cure resins and optimized reinforcements.

SGL has developed a snap-cure resin system in conjunction with application specific reinforcement options including recycled or reclaimed carbon fiber waste.  These options allow the user to utilize continuous fiber prepregs for spot specific reinforcement while utilizing lower cost reinforcements in less structural areas.  The end result is cost effective solution where key attributes such drape, flow, strength and stiffness can be achieved.


Alex Walk is the Technical Sales Manager – Americas for SGL Carbon where he is tasked with the promotion, implementation and development of new material applications based on SGL’s fully integrated product line.  Mr. Walk’s area of responsibility is the Americas with primary focus on automotive and industrial applications including body panel and BIW applications, alternative energy applications, pressure vessels, and life cycle efforts.   Identifying and executing collaborative opportunities to advance both material technology and manufacturing techniques utilizing the support of SGL’s Technology and Innovation team and strategic relationships with industry and academia is the target of Mr. Walk’s efforts.

Mr. Walk has over 25 years of carbon fiber experience having enjoyed multiple assignments and successes in product development, manufacturing capacity installation and start-up, and management of both operations and engineering activities.  Mr. Walk also has several years of notable business leadership roles in both the Composites and the Healthcare industries.  Mr. Walk joined SGL during SGL’s 2008 purchase of Carbon Fiber Technology LLC where he was Managing Director/CEO.

PRESENTATION: Combining Snap-cure Technology and Reclaimed Carbon Fiber to Address the Next Generation Prepreg


Alex Walk / Technical Sales Manager, Americas for SGL Carbon